Mint Juleps

I’d like to take a minute to share my already-favorite cocktail of the summer, the mint julep. Derby time has passed, but this ice cold and easy cocktail will be a great use of your mint and spearmint this summer. Not all of us have copper mugs or shaved ice on hand, but I guarantee it’s not hard to put this drink together from what you have on hand already. For the kids use lemonade or ginger ale and cut out the sugar.


-Pluck and wash your mint leaves and put them on the bottom of a glass. Short stout glasses work best.

-Add sugar cubes or simple syrup and a small splash of water, begin to muddle your leaves and sugar together for about 20 seconds.

-Pour in your favorite bourbon and give it a stir.

-Add crushed ice – lots of it. You want it looking like a snow cone. Or cubed ice if that’s all you have, just put in enough cubes to reach the top of your glass.

-Garnish with the top of a mint leave and use a short straw that just comes up to the rim of the glass. This is not just for looks, the smell of the mint is part of the experience, and you want a short enough straw so you can stick your nose in it with every sip.


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