Salad Greens and Hoi An Pancakes


Last weekend you received a beautiful combination of fresh greens and herbs. The mixture of tart, bitter, sweet and earthy balanced surprisingly well together in a salad. I wasnt sure what to expect when I ate a piece of super hot and spicy arugula on it’s own. (insert coughing and gaking noises) We dressed our salad up with a bit of almonds, cranberries and asian marinade.

Along with the salad I thought I’d try a new recipe from (with whom I have an unhealthy relationship with, as I’m sure you’ll see). Crisp Hoi An Pancakes, recipe found here:

It calls for a rice flour pancake to be stuffed with lettuce and other yummy things. A pretty simple Asian taco, if you ask me. We ended up stuffing it with cabbage, chicken, cilantro and lettuce. It’s a nice use of fresh herbs and lettuce when you get sick of salads, and it’s as healthy as you want to make it. I didnt have tumeric, so I ended up putting some saffron threads in with the batter – hence the orange color.IMG_2164


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